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Lekki  British Junior School Celebrates Nigeria At  57 

Lekki  British Junior School Celebrates Nigeria At  57 

The Independence Day Celebration at Lekki British Junior School was a fantastic showcase of culture, dance and language from the major regions in Nigeria; the Yoruba, Ibo, Hausa and the Benin cultures. The presentations from the students kept the parents and invited guests engaged for two hours.

Speaking on this year’s event, the Junior School Head teacher,  Ms.Maryanne Maduekwe said this year’s Independence day celebration was a unique learning experience for  both the children and their parents providing exposure to beautiful traditions, folktales, dance, music and instruments from different parts of the country. It was also an opportunity for the students to learn about the heroes of Nigerian Independence and their efforts to end the colonial rule.
A representative from Oba Saheed Elegushi, Kusenla 111 of Ikateland, Prince …. graced the occasion and delivered a speech on culture and various traditions of the Yoruba people of Nigeria.
As part of an enriched international curriculum at Lekki British Junior School, it is important that positive cultural values are imbibed in the children.
Ms Maduekwe noted that culture is a very important educational tool necessary to complete the circle of children’s training process. Once they have harnessed these qualities from childhood, the values linger to adulthood. 
Another highpoint of the day was a special presentation by the Indian International community. it was a breath-taking performance as they exhibited some parts of their Indian culture.
Lekki British Junior School also celebrated the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr Abiodun Laja for her immense contributions to the development of education in Nigeria in the last 40 years. Dr Laja was honoured with a doctorate degree from the Commonwealth University.
Lekki British School is a multicultural community which supports children from different countries around the world to achieve their full potential.Nigerians, Europeans, Asians, Indians, South Africans etc from an integral part of the international community.  As part of the curriculum, Lekki British School offers well rounded multicultural education that teaches acceptance and respect for all cultures.